Manufacturing companies stand out as one of the leading contributors to waste generation in the industrial sector. But not everything is lost! Today’s organizations are actually encouraged to develop innovative processes that handle waste and change the recycling culture in the workplace through and through.

At Verdusco Consulting, we are thrilled to lend a hand and help the manufacturing industry cease its pressing issues with waste generation. To do so, we are bringing forward three ideas that can serve as a starting point to get the ball running. The adoption of these activities as part of the workers’ routine will repurpose the way you manufacture, elevating recycling culture:

Tip 1 – Get your teammates involved in the action! Together you will look around the plant or work area and identify waste-saving opportunities. While at it, ask critical questions. Can anything be salvaged and used somewhere else? Is it possible to classify materials that are up for recycling? Find those target items and set a technical analysis in motion to figure out a new use for them. Go after materials that are specific to your company. That way, the proposal will grab the attention of the top managing levels.

Tip 2 – After the rundown, get the approval needed so you can start making changes. Even tiny adjustments, like placing recycling bins, are a win! Employees will be quick to notice and realize that there are new protocols for the disposing of materials. Prep a thorough campaign to familiarize everyone with the latest improvements. In the case of bins, follow standardized color codes so that they do not get mistaken. Labeling each container is helpful too. “Recycled Metal Here,” “Recycled Plastic Here,” and so on.

Tip 3 – Monitor and curtail the use of hazardous materials in the installations. Some materials can be especially tricky to handle, costly, and dangerous to dispose of. Look for nonhazardous alternatives to these materials wherever and whenever is feasible.

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