Hello there! We are Verdusco Consulting, a Michigan-based provider of advisory services. As a collaborative company, we operate on three principles: innovation, expertise, and professionalism.

We strive to support you, our client, in reaching your full potential. Our bespoke solutions are proof of that.

Our professionals share a passion for industrial growth. They’ll identify your demands and ensure the end product fulfills your goals and expectations.

Whether it is a design for a new electrical system or a grid upgrade, count on us. We’ll put in the hard work with creativity.

About Verdusco Consulting

Why us?

Verdusco Consulting is here to help you resolve the actual issues that hurt your projects and operations. We have the skills, insight, and resources at your disposal.

Strict quality control, cutting-edge tools and technologies, and years of field and project experience bulletproof every job we take on.

Budget and timeline commitments are priorities for us. You can leave it to our team to find the best value for your investment and a cost-effective answer to your requirements.

All these ingredients produce end deliverables of the highest technical standards for your plant or project.

Ready to automate your processes and boost efficiency and output? Let us in.

Based on our quality and trustworthy performance, we can assist you to increase efficiency and achieve your goals.

Our team

We are a skilled team that values professional growth. So we made it part of our job to follow and master the latest

industry and technology

trends. They are keys for driving your business toward a better tomorrow.
Leave that uncomfortable zone. No more sleepless nights caused by delays, rework, and being stuck. Call us.

About the Founder

Our founder, Raul Verdusco, is a supporter of lean manufacturing and a seasoned industry professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. His trademark is a creative approach to devising practical solutions for each challenge presented.

Throughout his career, Raul has developed a grasp of automation in the manufacturing sector. In addition, he is an entrepreneur and a great team player who values his clients and works closely with them. For him, collaboration is the best way to find those solutions that tick. His style of doing things has won him a loyal group of clients in various industries of different sizes.

Verdusco Consulting is honored to have such a gifted leader as our CEO. His guidance and vision enable us to advance as consultants each day. So, we commit to keeping his legacy of excellence wherever we go.


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