The automation of industrial processes had not had so much peak until the pandemic struck, a period in which human labor has been eliminated from warehouses nearly entirely, thus optimizing the manufacturing processes. 

Industrialization has created the need to automate more and more processes to make them efficient. This is why Automation Engineer is so crucial. Let’s remember that an Automation and Control Engineer design and manages all the machinery involved in the production process. They use technology to improve, refine and automate a process. Not only they are helping businesses to keep their supply chains in operation while ensures the safety of employees, but also, they are doing cost saving of the project reducing man hours for automated tasks.

I have noticed that recently there is high demand for Automation Engineers, but essentially, what has caused it? From my perspective, there are 5 factors that have contributed to Automation Engineering demand.

  • COVID-19.

From what I’ve seen throughout the covid experience, this has scared to many employees from risking their lives in many different ways.  Things are starting to calm down and people are becoming more comfortable in the “Covid-Days”. Especially with everyone getting the vaccine, it has made everyone come back to a more normal ordeal.

The catch is now since many businesses have had issues with finding employees, they are looking at alternative ways of doing business: everything automated! It can be as simple as “Touch screen” when checking out of a grocery store, looking at Robots/Automatic Guided Vehicles to do some of the work, or having more IT-based solutions that allows companies to have fewer employees.

  • Social Distancing.

Now, with everyone trying to keep up with the social distancing parameters, this has also caused automation to pick up and create a huge demand because there have to be ways to keep a safe distance and fewer interactions with other employees. 

  • Eliminates Possible Errors.

One of the main and most frequent mistakes that occur in the industry has been human error. Thanks to automation, this is reduced. For example, with IT controlling how the product gets moved from one area to another, this can prevent bad products from getting put into “Good Product” areas.  The only problem is if there is someone that overrides the “Automation” and puts those bad products into the Production environment.  

  • Reduce cost and saves time.

Actually, an Automation Engineer comes with a significantly lower cost and saves time too, by controlling the automation process (especially with multiple robots) he can oversee those robots and ensure minimum downtime that maximizes profits.  Plus, with the demand for Robots from many different companies, the cost of a robot has decreased, and with the adoption of automation on a global scale.  The prices will decrease as the demand keeps going up.  

  • Allocates focus on through-provoking projects.

With automation being adopted in warehouses/manufacturing more and more, the Automation Engineers’ demand keeps going up.  Companies want to keep production moving with little to no downtime, with automation in their facilities.  This idea of adding Robots/AGV’s will only increase over time.  This takes away the risk of downtime, injuries, and increases the ability to gain more ROI.  

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