For workers, it is intimidating to hear about industrial automation plans that could supplant up to 80% of the processes they carry out to robots and other programmable machines in the not-too-distant future. But can machines replace the jobs that humans do today?

This is becoming a reality and has been happening in all industries, only the general public doesn’t realize that automation is starting to replace humans. However, the domain of industrialization has advanced so much that we are already able to notice it in public places, for instance in some supermarkets: There aren’t cashiers, you go to the express lanes where you scan your items yourself, making the shopping experience more convenient and much faster. And that’s what automation is all about, more efficient processes in less time.

Another example is when you go to a fast-food place or a restaurant, where they have “Touch Screen” tablets at your table to order food, drinks, etc. These tablets make ordering very easy, and it adds the reliability factor: there is less range of error compared to a person taking the order and that improves the customer experience.

Furthermore, the thing about automation is very debatable and worrying for some people since over time things change and ways are invented to make processes easier that were previously complicated or took longer. In addition, the nature of jobs has been changing thanks to technology, some jobs that were popular 10 or 20 years ago no longer exist today or are in danger of extinction. And just as some jobs have been left behind, there are many others that have emerged. The problem is when there is the possibility of completely omitting the work of humans and yielding it to machines.

This has been happening over time and with Covid, automation is being implemented faster in other industries as in shipping, delivery services, and even droids are being used to fly packages to your home. I would say within the next 5-10 years, automation will be replacing a lot more jobs. I don’t see this trend going away, especially with covid.

Overall, I don’t see automation replacing humans 100%. The truth is that human beings have a large number of skills and abilities that robots and machine technology cannot yet imitate but I do think if automation can be used to help businesses, they will use it like the examples of grocery stores and restaurants. This trend will be picking up more and more as the years go on and automation becomes even better.

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