Being an engineer is a profession that for many may seem interesting, while for others it is difficult, and for some others, one of the most complete professions.

Tony Stark

The truth is that engineering involves so much knowledge and fields that we could say that an engineer can do and be everything, but can they be capable of becoming superheroes? The answer is absolutely YES!  

In real life many engineers have become superheroes with their inventions, which go beyond providing comfort or facilitating a task, but have also been able to use their knowledge and technology to solve problems of urgency, avoid dangers and save people.  

However, the image we have as children of a superhero is totally different, but it is also possible for an engineer to become one! The first superhero I think of is the famous genius, billionaire, successful businessman, philanthropist and playboy Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man. 

Tony Stark, the comic’s hero with one of the greatest egos of all time, graduated from MIT at age 19 with two majors, one of them being Electrical Engineering. He became a superhero after building Iron Man’s sophisticated armor with his incredible talent. And of course, after starting to do good and help others with his invention.  

Today, his character continues inspiring people from all around the world! Also, fantastic ideas from comics books or superheroes are becoming more reality as we move forward. It’s amazing what people can come up with after they get one design going, and that’s what I think of when I become an engineer. 

In the end, I don’t know if Iron Man would be the ideal engineer that becomes a superhero, as he was always known for his innovations, technology, and eccentricity, but it wasn’t until he started to support humanity in another way that he was considered a superhero. So, quite properly, I would say that an engineer can be great, successful, adapt to any situation and have developed the best projects in history, but he will become a superhero when he begins to use his knowledge to do good.  

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