Almost all types of manufacturing companies face new regulations aimed at all aspects, adding burden for companies that must comply with the requirements. Plus, product innovations come at a fast pace, and manufacturers are struggling to keep up. Companies must plan adequate engineering time to ensure its correct operation. But does this really mean a great hardship for companies?

Over the years, the Manufacturing Sector has been involved in producing good quality parts to data tracking.  This latest technology wasn’t introduced into manufacturing plants until COVID-19 arrived, now many companies are investing in data tracking more than ever. This is to help with maintenance, downtime, and even to the level of detail of what employees are working and where.   

This dynamic reminds me of the analytics NBA players complain about, which is funny to me. When I started manufacturing, we just made sure the line ran, and management would only track if the line was down and for how long. Kind of like the NBA, in the 1980s, the only stats that people cared about were points, rebounds, assists, etc. 

Now the NBA tracks a player so closely, like how many minutes he played? What did he do during his time on the floor? Did he lose leadership while he was in the game? How efficient is he? It’s so detailed that the same thing happens in manufacturing. Companies are spending billions of dollars in data tracking, getting down to the details of every move a robot makes.

That’s why even when downtime was important, it’s more important to ensure we are building parts and making sure the machines are up and running. Now data tracking is just as important as keeping a line running. It wasn’t the case 20 years ago, and engineers have always told me that by then: Management didn’t know what they are looking at anyway. Now, with new technology, it is very easy to read and put into a readable graphic for all to see. It’s amazing how things have changed in the manufacturing sector, and I hope this helps companies instead of wreak havoc. The reason why I say this is because I feel like sometimes everyone is great at showing graphics, but not at troubleshooting. Then when they show the problem, no one has a solution or wants to come up with a solution. This is mainly because if their idea fails, they lose their job or their reputation.  

In general, there is nothing wrong with data tracking and keeping lines running. The hard part is that the people who like to point out the issue are usually unwilling to solve the problem, more focused on creating the noise or chaos for those who are there to solve the problem. Honestly, it would be better if the person who is discovering the issues was a person that would also help to solve them.

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