In life, it has happened to all of us that a problem arises, and it is totally normal. The really important thing is to face these problems until we find a solution. As an engineer, problems come up every day, and that is what we are here for, to solve them.

The truth is that engineers are splendid at solving problems. Our work is based on knowing how things work, finding out if there is a problem, analyzing the problem in a specific way, and choosing the most feasible solution. 

However, I also believe that solving a problem has its science. I think the way you approach the problem is how character is built. Some may approach it with the wrong idea, such as waiting until it becomes someone else’s problem, or taking a better approach, such as every problem will make you smarter.

From my own life, I have always approached a problem with the same attitude, and that is not being afraid to fail! Fear often stops most people because they are afraid of making a mistake, but this only takes you away from success. 

In essence, you will never grow unless you make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. This is how you become better at engineering and as well as life. Now, when I say this, it doesn’t mean that a rash decision should be made. On the other side, it is necessary to investigate the causes and consequences of the problem to reach the best conclusion. Then make your decision, this will help when it comes to solving a problem.     

When it comes to problems, I always remember that time when an engineer told me that I should use the “KISS” method, which is “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Even when it sounded so funny to me, after so many years of experience, I realized that he was just right.  

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