I fully believe in the expression that says the customer is always right. And so have many of the manufacturing companies servicing clients all over the world. That’s why customers’ insights and analytics have been in such high demand for corporations for a while now. This recollection motivated me to write this blog on the power of consumers to challenge manufacturers. And drive new trends.

So, without further dues, here are the three ways I’ve seen consumers make manufacturers become better versions of themselves by retooling and reshaping their supply chain offerings. 

  • Development of creative products

Today’s consumers are evolving just as fast as technology. For manufacturers, this news means they have to be on their toes trying to find inventive ways to satisfy the existing demand and consciousness behind their consumers.  Unlike Boomers, younger generations are pickier about what they buy. They care about how the product is made, where its raw materials come from, and what happens once it is done. All this plays a factor when manufacturers develop new products or repurpose older ones. By all means, this is a new concept to provide products and services that leave the audience willing to come back, craving for more.  

  • Fast and customized deliveries

The explosion of new delivery and shipping methods, along with the convenience of online shopping enabled the placement of many orders at once, ramping up customers’ love for same-day deliveries especially when personalized products and services are involved. Manufacturers took notice and as a next step, they started to ensure market competitiveness and a global market presence. They were practically forced to adopt higher levels of agility and flexibility than the traditional business once had. All in the name of pleasing customers and retaining their attention and loyalty.

  • Enhanced customer service

Manufacturers are going beyond their traditional engineering and production focus to strengthen customer service. As the industry gets more consumer-driven, it actively seeks to anticipate the needs of those using the products. The consumers! 

This trend leads to:

  • Better alignment between production and sales teams.
  • The integration of new technologies and capabilities to make it happen. For example data analytics, the internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The adoption of new programs that deepen the customer’s digital engagement experience. Chatbots, 24/7 help centers, and customer surveys are some examples coming out from the top of my head. 

The best thing about it? Customers love being front and center of it all! 

My afterthought

Customers are pushing manufacturers like never before. They’ve become a booster that drives companies to invest in upgrades and venture into new tools. 

What are the ultimate goals? 

To enable the creation of strategies and digital quality control processes outlined to provide higher operational efficiency and faster product deliveries for the championing of:

  • Tighter asset monitoring, 
  • Automated replenishment of materials, and 
  • Quicker fleet allocation. 

Three key players that expand the supply chain offering and bring growth to the company.