For all those people who are not familiar with the world of engineering, the words “Electrical Engineer” directly makes them think of someone who works in a field surrounded by cables and electrical installation plans. However, the branch of knowledge covered by an Electrical Engineer is much broader. In fact, Electrical Engineering has one of the greatest historical paths and applications today.

Even so, many wonder: What is an Electrical Engineer capable of doing? What types of jobs can he do? Where an Electrical Engineer can work?

I find this question really interesting because I recently met with someone and we talked about “What I can do” as an engineer. Even when right now I am looking for work as either a 1099 or C2C, I found it essential for other to answer this question from my point of view, very personal and honest.

My title is a “Technical Consultant” but I have done so much in my career.  I started off as a “Service Engineer” in programming, managing skill trades, and reporting out the progress every day, giving timelines when each component will be up and running.  Really difficult to handle being only a year out of school and with only a weeks’ worth of training in a PLC class.

Now I am managing programs that are new lines going into facilities, working with other engineers from all across the world.  Which for me, taking this next step of “Where I can work” has never stopped me to try new fields.  I personally believe, if you have the ability to adapt, you can work anywhere.  Even in another country, which is something that I enjoy because learning about other cultures than your own it’s such a great learning experience that you cannot read or lean in a classroom.

Overall, if you ask me about “Where Electrical Engineer can work” I absolutely will answer: Anywhere!  I once worked with an engineer (The best damn engineer I ever worked with) who told me that he may not know that machine when he first sees it.  But he had the awesome attitude of “Once I start” I’ll know that machine like the back of my hand because he would study the drawing/code/material/everything until he understood everything about it.  That was my mentor when I first started and, I follow that principle from then on.

That’s who I’ve become: I can take on any project and be successful like he was and still is.

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